Vets Not In Congress

Once upon a time in America those serving in Congress had also served in the US military at one point in their lives. In 1977, about 80% of Americans Congressmen were veterans of former military service, in 2013 only about 19% would be classified as veterans. This means there are few in our government who grasped what President Dwight Eisenhower, (former commander of US and UK troops in WWII) meant by the “military/industrial complex.” In other words an alliance between those who run our military and business organizations which are only too happy to build new fighter planes or bigger ships to fight against non-existent enemies.

We  need members of the legislature who understand that all military organizations always want “more,” and, all too frequently, seek the military rather than the diplomatic solution for problems. Anyone who has served in the military knows all too well about inefficiency, waste and waste.