Vets Occupy Wall Street!

The publication, “Army Times,”reports that  OWS ranks are being swollen by the presence of veterans who share growing distrust of wealthy people using government to make money rather than make jobs. Joseph Carter, an Iraq war veteran, put it bluntly: “for ten years we have been fighting wars that have enriched the wealthiest 1 percent, decimated our economy and left our nation with a generation of traumatized and wounded veterans that will require care for years to come.” He leads the national Iraq Veterans Against the War group.

A former marine  came away with a fractured skull-not from al-Qaeda- but from Oakland police when he participated in the OWS demonstration in that city. In New York on Wednesday, police circled veterans as they stood in formation in front of the New York Stock Exchange chanting: “We are veterans! We are the 99 percent!”

For the record, unemployment for 18-24 year old veterans tops 20%!