Vets Screwed Again, Wall Street Gains Again!

The United States of America has a financial crisis. Let’s examine reasons for this crisis:

1. President Bush began two wars which continue to cost the nation. One can readily agree the cost exceeds one trillion dollars.

2. President Bush cut taxes and the result is our nation lost over a trillion dollars that should have gone to the government, but wound up in pockets of Wall Street folk.

3. Banks and mortgage firms gave loans to people lacking the money to pay for the mortgage.

4. Health Insurance companies charge high overheads and this raises the cost of health care.

5. Our military budget now equals the entire military budgets of all other nations in the world.

6. We have people on Wall Street doing things with stocks that no one can figure out what the hell is going on.

7. Congress and the president refused to allow agencies to check on business practices.

You will note that nothing on this list is connected in any shape or form with members of the military or veterans. They carried out orders. However, the budget cutters want to change the process of determining cost-of-living allowances which, over time, would cause millions of innocent people to receive less money. You will note that no taxes will be imposed on the wealthy who created the crisis1