Vets Screwed In Iraq And At Home

The Republican party is concerned about the economic health of our nation. OK, there might be some people who are unemployed, but certainly not on Wall Street. OK, so 2,000 of the 17,000 servicemen from New York City who served in combat zones lack jobs, but hedge fund employees are working, bankers are working, stock brokers are working, and if these veterans will simply become calm, eventually a few bucks will be headed their way. The unemployment rate for veterans in the age bracket, 18-24 is about 20%. Well, let’s examine this figure analytically. Who told these men to go fight for their country? Why didn’t these men and women go to Harvard, get an MBA, and be able to secure a job on Wall Street that pays a few million. The fault is not with American society, the fault is entirely that of soldiers who preferred the luxury of an all-expense paid trip to Iraq or Afghanistan. Not only did they get a free trip, but they got free room and board!
So, these free-loaders are upset because there are no jobs.

Any veteran who complains about not having a job is simply a shirker in capitalist America. This country was founded by men and women who did not go around seeking government handouts. Stop whining you cowards. Who told you to join the Army? Frankly, a bit of being homeless will get you in the mood to rejoin the armed forces. If you don’t want to be a capitalist, join the Socialist army!