Victory For Putin?

The people of Russia were brave during World War II and sacrificed in the cause of ending Nazi brutality. Today, in 2014, the people of Russia have allowed a petty thug named Vladimir Putin to convince the entire nation that he is once again fighting the forces of Nazism and Fascism. There is something ironic in a man who has imposed a Russian form of Fascism upon the people of his land now claiming that he is opposed to that mentality. Those who oppose his rule wind up in jail or are beaten, and many are found dead. Putin claims that Ukranians are “fascists” because they overthrew a corrupt incompetent man named Viktor Yukanovych as president of their nation. Over 70% of Russians are thrilled that their country has become the symbol of oppression and brutality. Russia has become a land that hates homosexuals and now it has become a land in which those seeking to further the cause of democracy are silenced or jailed.

The Russian government has recognized the so-called referendum in the Crimea as representing the “will of the people of Crimea” to secede from the Ukraine and seek to become a part of Russia. For the moment, nothing can be done to prevent this act of violence. The real question is whether or not the European Union and the United States have the will and determination to combat aggression.

1. Dramatically increase American sale of oil to Europe and end Russian sales.

2. Impose an economic embargo upon the nation of Russia.

3. Ban all flights from or to Russia.

Take those three steps and the people of Russia will sing another tune.