Victory In Afghanistan Present Of Tooth Fairy?

General James Mattis, assumed leadership of the Central Command, and issued the normal boast of someone who takes over a military position–we will win! Oh, he told the media, “we will have some bad days ahead, but as long as we hold fast and adapt tactics faster than the enemy, the enemy’s situation will continue to worsen.” He is not worried about the issue a deadline, because as he told members of Congress, “It’s a date when the process begins. It is not a hand off of a hot potato.” Nor, is he worried about our allies in Pakistan because cooperation with those military leaders is as at an “all time high.” Of course, recent release of secret documents offers a rather different perspective on cooperation from our gallant allies, but, it is important to remain optimistic.

Has the general ever considered the possibility that Taliban leaders will alter their strategies as they learn more about those of the United States? Every indication suggests the Taliban are winning, but, then again, we have the tooth fairy on our side so victory is at hand.