Right wing pundits and those who believe Democrats are secret allies of al-Qaeda are in for a shock. Marine General Richard Mills told an audience the Taliban have been beaten in Helmand Province. According to the general: ‘I believe they have been beaten.” He emphasized, “they’ve suffered defeat after defeat on the battlefield.” Those who believe our Muslim President Obama would flinch from crushing his al-Qaeda allies have been proven wrong. Heritage analyst, James Phillips says progress in Helmand province shows you the momentum is shifting” which “could have a cascading effect in the years ahead.” Of course, there are a few minor problems to resolve such as military success in Afghanistan has been the result of US and NATO efforts rather than those of the Afghan army.

But, I am confident that once Sarah Palin arrives in Afghanistan to lend her moral and intellectual support to our military forces, the tide will definitely turn in our favor. In fact, she has graciously volunteered to only accept $20,000 for the speech she will give to our fighting men and women. There are unconfirmed reports Palin might offer a presentation to al-Qaeda in which she proves no Muslim can defeat an American who knows how to kill a grizzly bear.