Victory In Sight?

Over a decade ago American forces, in conjunction with Afghan allies, swept through Afghanistan and routed the Taliban. In 2001 it appeared one could see the end of Taliban influence and power in Afghanistan. Fast forward to 2013 and General John Allen who is leaving command of US forces in the country was confident the Taliban would be routed. “The insurgency will be defeated over time by legitimate and well trained Afghan forces.” He went on to assure one and all that “Afghan forces defending Afghan people, (are) enabling the government of this country to serve its citizens.”

We already defeated the Taliban, we turned over government to Afghan leaders and they proceeded to create a world in which Afghan people preferred the Taliban to its own government. Sorry, General Allen, the problem is NOT the Taliban, it is in Kabul where a group of corrupt leaders exploit and use their own people. I am  certain of one thing, if the Taliban gain victory they will not capture Afghan leaders who will be sitting in their luxurious homes in England of the US.