Vietnam Reorganizing Teacher Education Program

Vietnam is quickly entering the modern global world which is placing new demands on its education system to respond to the challenge of creating a modern system of schooling for the population. The Ministry of Education and Training will focus on restructuring the network of teach training universities in the coming years. Unlike, many post industrial societies, Vietnam currently has a surplus of nearly 7,000 teachers in key area like mathematics and literature both at the primary and secondary levels. The shortages are in subjects such as music, art, information technology and physical fitness. At the primary school level, there was a surplus of about 4,000 teachers in math and literature while there was a shortage of about 5,000 teachers in other areas of the curriculum.

A Ministry survey indicates anywhere from 19% to 30% of pre-school, junior and senior secondary school and university teachers have not met desired professional standards. There is also need for improvement in the education of school principals. Deputy Prime MInister Nguyen Nhan, noted at a recent conference, most teachers suffered in teaching methodology and most were unable to stimulate creative thinking on the part of students.

The Economics College at Ha No National University has been selected for an experimental program under which the Education Ministry is handing power over college teacher salaries to college officials.