Vietnam War Redeux

The Vietnam war has receded in the memory of Americans under the age of 40, but to those who were adults during this troubled era, sights and sounds of raging crowds demanding an end to fighting clashed with those determined to end communism in the world. But, that was then, today is now. These days American businessmen establish factories in Vietnam, and the American government stands  besides its friend, the communist government of Vietnam.

In Hanoi, police broke up angry demonstrations against “the enemy.” Sorry, the name of the enemy was not the USA. They were angry at China which seeks control of oil bearing areas of the South China sea which is presently claimed by the Vietnam government. These days Vietnam speakers promise: “The Communist Party and government are resolutely determined to defend our country’s sovereignty and territory through peaceful means based on international law.”

We have come a long way from the cong and charlie as the enemy!