View From Ankara Not Pleased With Obama Talks

The view from Ankara is rather pessimistic about the recent meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyau. There is disappointment at lack of any statement regarding the need to halt construction of settlements in the West Bank or a clear commitment from the Israel leader to support the two nation solution. Some Turkish officials hoped Obama would urged Israel to repair its damaged relations with Turkey, but all that emerged were platitudes about the “special relations” between the two nations and assurances from Netanyahu that he would discuss with Palestinians. Exactly, what is the meaning of holding talks if there is no desire to accept a compromise solution to existing problems?

Professor Mustafa Kibarogiu from Bilkent University expressed concern at failure of the Israel government to understand changes in policy on the part of the Turkish government towards Israel as a result of the Gaza invasion and attacks on the aid flotilla. He doubts if President Obama even understands the growing rift between Israel and Turkey. A tragedy of Israel is failure on the part of Israelis to have even the slightest grasp of how their nation is viewed in the world or the tendency to equate disagreement with Israel as examples of anti-Semitism. Jewish actor, Dustin Hoffman just canceled an appearance at a film festival in Jerusalem due to the flotilla attacks. Undoubtedly, Israelis will accuse him of being a self hating Jew.