Vigilantes To Rescue

It is rather ironic that so many Muslims equate the United States and other western societies with loose morals. They continually assert that western women dress in an immoral manner or engage in sexual conduct unbecoming a female. Egypt offers a dramatic example of what happens to Muslim females who walk along the street without an armed escort. Egypt’s streets have long been known as the scene of sexual harrassment in which girls are fondled, their clothes ripped off and, in some cases, sexually assaulted. Arab Spring witnessed many examples of this behavior toward women.

Fortunately, a new group of male vigilantes have decided to take the law into their hands and challenge men who want to fondle women. They watch for males who harrass women, grab them, spray paint  on their back words like “sexual assaulter” and give them a few blows to the head.

Ironically, the new Muslim government, which continues discussing imposing sharia law, apparently has scant interest in protecting Muslim females who walk the streets of Cairo. The best they can do is pretend there is no problem!