Vioence Escalates In Somalia

During the closing months of 2006, the Bush administration urged the Ethiopian government to invade Somalia in order to crsuh what it believed was a fundamentalist Islamic government. In the ensuing warfare, the Ethiopian army easily crushed the Islamic fighters for the Somalian government. Defeating an Islamic army was one thing, but since then there has been ongoing conflict between the Ethiopians and their Somali allies versus the majority of people in Somalia. Over the past weekend, 81 people died in fighting in Mogadishu and 119 others were wounded as the coalition force battled Islamic forces in the streets of the nation’s capitol. Residents said the fighting was among the worst in recent months.

President Bush has consistenly been incorrect on every effort to crush Islamic fundamentalists. In each case, his actions have only served to increase the number of terrorists and make civilians suffer even more. The last thing any Muslim nation needs is to be “helped” by George Bush.