Vioence Escalates In Zimbabwe

The Zmbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights has released a report which expresses their concern over escalating cases of organized violence and torture and the increasing intimidation of medical personnel. They have documented over 900 victims of violence in the post election period. But, they believe their figures grossly underestimate what is happening because in rural areas most cases are not being reported. The doctors are worried that many victims in rural areas fail to receive good medical treatment due to lack of facilities. Most victims have identified the perpetrators as “war veterans,” armed security forces, and ZANU-PF youth militia. Only a handful of violent acts have been committed by members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

Dr.Douglas Gwatidzo, chair of the Doctors Association, said the escalation of violence has risen from about 5 per day last week to about 20-30 this week. Ambasadors from the United States, Germany, the European Unon, Germany, Sweden and Angola visited hospitals to obtain first hand information from victims. An elderly lady told them: “How can an 84 year-old be assaulted simply because her children are MDC?”

Morgan Tsvangirai, head of MDC announced he had informed President Mbeki of South Africa that his services as a mediator were not longer desired. Mbeki has blatantly supported President Mugabe.

  • Centipede

    The purpose of the delayed ‘runoff’ election is obviously to gain time to make Mugabe’s opponents ‘run off’.