Violence And Religious Sites

The essence of preserving religious sites in the world is the expectation they will enable humanity to capture a sense of what our ancestors were seeking to create by establishing the idea there is a God whose main task is ensuring peace and tranquility in the world. Jerusalem has several important religious shrines that are worshipped by people of various faiths. When Jewish shrines were under the control of Arab nations, Jews were denied access to them and in several cases they were defiled. Jordan’s King Abdallah and Palestinian President Abbas are calling for the UN to assume responsibility for ensuring protection of these shrines and access to all who wish to visit. They are particularly concerned about Al-Aqsa Mosque which is located in East Jerusalem and was the scene of violence the other day.

Let’s end this silliness once and for all. Transform all religious sites which are cherished by two or more religions and allow UN supervision to ensure equal access. Nations could still retain control or ownership of the shrine, but the UN would protect the right of all to enter and pray.