Violence Continues in Lebanon

Lebanese army units continued their siege of radical Fatah Al-Islam radical elements who are offshoots of Al-Qaeda. This is causing increased anger on the part of Lebanese people who are sick and tired of Palestinian initiated violence in their nation. If the Lebanon army units decide to enter the camps which contain thousands of Palestinian refugees, it may spark a large outbreak of violence among Palestinians in other camps.

This incident is simply another manifestation of failure to deal with Palestinian refugees who fled their nation in the afttermath of the Arab invasion to crush the new state of Israel which ended in complete disaster for Arab nations. The tragedy of the Palestinian refugees is twofold. On one hand, Arab nations have failed to accord Palestinian refugees opportunities to become integrated within their societies and to build constructive lives. For example, Palestinians residing in camps within Lebanon are barred from entering dozens of professions or to own property. Instead, these refugees have been encouraged to live in false hope of restoration of their lost properties in Israel. It is all well and good to blame Israel for the refugee problem, but Arab nations must also take partial blame because they will not allow the refugees opportunities to engage in meaningful economic activities. On the other hand, successive American governments have failed to exert leadership in an effort to find a solution to the Palestinian refugee problem. Obviously, any solution to this problem must be part of an overall solution to issues emanating from the creation of Israel. The refugee problem will not go away by itself, we need new efforts on the part of all parties to compromise.
Al Ahram June 4, 2007 “Making Matters Worse”