Violence Continues In Ukraine

We have grown so accustomed to reporting violence in Africa or the Middle East that it is surprising to report about large scale terror in a European nation. The violence which has rocked Kiev in the Ukraine has increased to the point where at least 26 are dead and over 200 wounded. The United States and the European Union are ready to impose sanctions on the government of the Ukraine. French President Francois Hollande warned President Yakunovych “those who are responsible for these deeds have to know that there certainly would be sanctions.” Thousands are in the streets battling the police and facing men with guns who are using them against their own people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is an expert when it comes to aiding petty dictators who kill their own people. After all, he is the best friend of President Assad of Syria. Putin was glad to inform the people of the Ukraine that they should cease and desist from continuing the “bloodshed.” He blamed protesters for the violence.

So, what is new when Putin speaks?