Violence Flares In Iran

Angry Iranians took out their frustrations over the government’s sudden move to ration petrol by torching several gas stations while mobs attacked shops and banks. Although the American media continues portraying President Ahminejad as being immensely popular, the majority of Iranians believe he failed to keep election promises of helping economic development and address large scale unemployment.

The American media insists Iran wants to foster violence in Iraq despite the Iranian government’s support for the Iraq leadership. Our media portrays Iran as a loose cannon seeking to create tensions and disruption. The present Iranian government is losing support of its population, and the last thing on the mind of a president of Iran is getting involved in a war. Perhaps, if the American government toned down its anti-Iran rhetoric and attempted to negotiate in a calm manner, real progress could be achieved. A good first step would be an official American apology for being behind the overthrow of the Mossadegh government in the 1950s and a second step would be to end economic embargoes of Iran. The Iran government right now needs calm and peace, not war.