Violence In Kiev Goes On And On

The city of Kiev is in flames, just another fall out from the foreign policy of President Vladimir Putin whose use of threats to the Ukraine prevented that nation from joining the European Union. The Ukraine is divided between the eastern region which is pro-Russian and its western region which seeks a life in the European Union rather than a dismal existence as the lackey of Russia. During the past months hundreds of thousands have rioted in Kiev and now ten thousand armed people are in the streets demanding an end to thweregime of President Viktor Yanukovych who has become the buddy of Putin and turned away from the EU. He pleaded with rioters to cease their violence. “I urge dialogue, compromise, calm.” Of course, the former prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko is in jail on a trumped up charge that she supported the wrong law. Current opposition leader, former boxing champion Vitali Klitgschko has admitted he no longer has any control over those demonstrating.

The protesters held aloft banners which state: “Who, if n to us, and when, if not now.” Ms. Tymoshenko from her jail cell urged continuation of the protests. “You are heroes” and urged them on with words that, if not in jail, she would be with them.

Step one to end this violence is to release Ms.Tymoshenko from jail-as urged by the European Union. Step two is to resume negotiations with the European Union. And, step three is to cease doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin.