Violence In Sands Of Iraq

A certainty of life is that before the week concludes there will be at least one story concerning disputes between Sunni and Shiite Iraqians. A western      desert area known as  Al Nukhaib is providing opportunities for the two  religious factions to kill one another. A recent bus trip by some Shiites into the area led to the murder of  22 pilgrims headed to pray. Now, there are signs in the region demanding retribution for these murders.

About a third of the area is desert punctuated by valleys and hills. There are numerous caves which are perfect for terrorist groups seeking to kill someone for some reason. Nukaib’s  most important feature is that one must go throuth it in order to head for Saudi Arabia and pray in Mecca.

Let me get this straight. Religious Muslims want to pray. Other religious Muslims want to kill them because they entered this area in order to pray. I guess it makes sense, at least to those living in Iraq. Ah, for the days when Christians killed one another over  some reason.