Violence In The Philippines

It was just a few weeks ago that people in the Philippines were joyous at news the Moro Liberation Front had laid down their arms and was ready to accept peace in this land which has struggled for over thirty years to end violence against the government. The Muslim minority which lives in southern areas of the nation has been fighting against the Christian government and finally agreed it was time for peace. Suddenly, some members of the Moro Liberation Front attacked towns, took hundreds of hostages and renewed the war. Troops are back in action. Dozens once again are dead. War has returned to its normal place in southern areas of the nation. After thirty years and 2000,000 dead one would have thought it was time for a time out. But, alas, we are human and taking time off from murdering one another is simply not our view of why we believe in God.

The entire episode is simply sad. When will they ever learn that peace IS the road to God?