Violence in Western China! Mobs Rage Through Xinjiang Province

The force of hate and anger is raging through the streets of Urumqi in western China as mobs of Han Chinese armed with bats, iron bars and fury seek to capture Uighurs who they blame for attacking the Chinese newcomers to the region. Thousands of militia police have been sent to the city in hope of restoring law and order after clashes between the two groups caused the death of over two hundred and wounding of over a thousand. Police have arrested at least a thousand people in their efforts to end violence in the city. Thousands of armed Han Chinese went into the streets in search of Uighurs who they claim initiated the violence by attacking Hans. The region historically has been Muslim but in recent decades the Chinese government has encourage Hans to migrate to the area. The result has created fear among Uighurs they will soon become a minority in their own land.

Han residents shouted at the police for arresting their young men. “Why are you arresting Han Chinese?” they yelled. “They are only trying to protect us.” Blood for blood results in blood for all.