Violence In Yemen Schools

Yemen is among the nations of the world in which beating of children is still very common. It is used as an educational strategy both of discipline and in teaching. Primary school
teacher Ammar Abdullah Naser insists beating children depends on the personality of the child. He says the issue of beating children should be an option for teacher and there are some criteria that rely on the person’s state of condition. “Although beating is a bad principle in educating students, we still use it.” It is unclear whether he referred to the state of mind of the teacher or the student.

A study in Yemen asked children their reaction to being beaten. More than half expressed the wish to be understood and supported instead of being hit. They want to be respected as individuals. “I don’t like t be cornered before my fellow clalssmates and be criticized and blamed publicly by teachers” said one twelve year old. Many of the children who were surveyed admitted belonging to gangs which were formed for self protection. Mohammed Al-Salami said “we formed a gang to protect this area and our friends from others.” Perhaps, being educated in a society where violence is common invariably results in too many teachers resorting to violence as a means of control.