Violence Sweeps Zimbabwe But Election Proceeds

Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), insists he will continue his campaign to gain the presidency in the June 27 run-off even as there were increasing signs a “victory” will only result in a “defeat.” The Zimbabwe government and the ruling Zani-PF party have made it clear they are not going to peacefully walk away from power if, by some miracle, Tsvangirai actually can obtain a majority of the votes. Vice President Joseph Msika, told a political rally that “voting for the Movement for Democratic Change will be like voting for Rhodesia and the British which means voting for war.” He made clear any attempt to end “land-reform” will elicit violence on the part of the thugs and crooks who President Mugabe gave land in order to solidify his hold on government. These incompetent government and military leaders have gained control over Zimbabwe’s land and created an economic crisis which means they fear election of a democratic government which would take steps to restore the economic prosperity of the nation.

Mskia shouted, “I will die fighting” which translates into “I am not giving up my riches that Mugabe gave me and anyone trying is going to die.” A military clique will not surrender power to Tsvangirai. In theory, the South African Development Community(SADC) is sending observers, but there is scant hope they actually can guarantee a fair election. There have been secret meetings in South Africa at which proposals were made for a coalition government with Tsvangirai in the role of prime minister but he has apparently rejected that idea.

There is no perfect solution in Zimbabwe because reality is Mugabe and the military junta is not surrendering power to any opposition. Tsvangirai is a noble and democratically minded individual, but he may well have made a mistake in rejecting a coalition government. Sometimes, half a loaf is better than none at all.