Violence To Prisoners Old Republican Idea

The administration of George Bush displayed a violent attitude toward treatment of prisoners, and it now revealed it simply was acting in accordance with Republican attitudes that ignore the rights of those in prison. During the 1960s and 1970s, Uruguay was challenged by the leftist Tumpamaro insurgents who used violence in order to topple the government. An FBI agent, Dan Mitrione, was dispatched to teach Uruguay police some modern tactics on how to handle a prisoner during interrogation. After all, the Bush administration advocated use of torture in order to obtain information and thousands cheered in this country when the TV show, 24, urged similar tactics. After Mitrone was kidnapped, the government instituted a massive arrest of leading Tupamaro leaders, including its head, Raul Sendic.US Secretary of State William Rogers sent a request to the government of Uruguay which recommended the “use of threat to kill Sendic and other key prisoners” unless Mitrone was freed unharmed. His kidnappers killed him.

Among the prisoners the US wanted killed was Jose Mujica, who was sent to jail. After his jail term, Mujica renounced violence, entered politics and wound up as president of the country. In other words, treating people in humane ways may not raise your Nielsen ratings on TV, but it can result in securing peace and stability to a nation.