Violent Women-The Ignored Violence

There are numerous studies and campaigns to assist men who have violent tendencies, but relatively little is done about women who display such behaviors. A recent project by the Federation of Mother and Child Home Shelters studied 100 women who were seeking help for their violent behaviors. It is not common for a male who has been the subject of a woman’s aggressive actions to seek help from authorities since it makes him feel physically and sexually impotent. According to statistics, 40% of aggravated assaults in close relationships in Finland were committed by women. Hannele Torronen notes: “women are usually told that they can overcome their violence by just having some rest or that their aggressive behavior can be understood if their spouse is difficult.” Women simply do not feel comfortable telling anyone they are the cause of violence in the family.

The study indicates many women turn violence upon themselves and will cut themselves or punish the self by excessive eating. Perhaps, it is time to end gender bias and deal with female aggressive behavior.