Virginity Test, Anyone?

As readers may recall, a few months ago in Egypt thousands of people including many young men and women gathered in Tahrir Square, Cairo in order to express desire for a new nation based on human rights. They were tired of former President Mubarak’s secret police, torture and imprisonment of innocent people whose only crime was to seek a nation based on law, rather than a country in which a small group had power and used those positions for self enrichment. Alas, the flowers of April, have withered on the vine of brutality. Egyptian military officials have admitted that dozens of young females who had been part of the protest movement, were not only arrested, strip searched, brutalize and subjected to “virginity tests.” As one official put it: “the girls were different than your daughters or mine. These were girls who had camped out in tents with males protesting in Tahrir Square. None of them were virgins.”

There is such sadness in those words. It reveals the dictatorship of Mubarak has been changed into a military regime who will draw upon the Muslim Brotherhood and seek to install a religious form of government.