Visit Australian Aborigines, Just Don’t Let Them In

The Alice Springs backpacker hostel is at the center of a racial discrimination row when it was revealed that the company which purports to bring visitors from around the world to learn about Austrailian Aborigine culture, doesn’t appear to welcome Aborigines into their resorts. The Backpacker Resort in Alice Springs ejected a group of indigenous guests because it said that catered only “for international backpacking tourists which the group was not.” A blurb on the company website says its tours place an emphasis on “the unique scenery, wildlife and Aboriginal cultures of each area.” The group consisted mainly of Aboriginal women who had come to Alice Springs to take life-saving clases in preparation for the opening of a new swimming pool in their community. They allegedly were asked to leave the premises due to complaints by some guests.

A member of the Aboriginal group claims “they said it was because of the colour of our skin and they didn’t like us.” The hotel admitted the Aboriginal group, assigned them rooms, and then asked they leave because of guest complaints. It appears the guests, who traveled to northern Australia to meet Aborigines, were frightened to have them living amongst them.