Vladimir Loves Gays-I Think

President Vladimir Putin is a tough guy who in early days of his life while a member of the KGB sort of pushed around some people who did not like the Soviet Union. So, when it comes to being tough, there is no tougher guy on the block than the man who runs Russia, and, when I say, runs Russia, he is the head dude. He gave an interview and made clear the new law which makes it a crime to talk about being gay is not really meant to damage the lives of gay folk. There is no discrimination against gay folk in the gay land of Russia. “I assure you that I work with these people, I sometimes award them with state prizes or decorations.” So, how could he be anti-gay? After all, Tchikovsky was gay and “we all love his music.”

So, let us get things clear, Vladimir Putin is a very gay and happy person who loves all Russians. In fact, if Olympic athletes make positive statements about gays they will not be sent to jail. However, no gay parades during the Olympics. I wonder if athletes can hug and kiss one another?