Vladimir Putin Hailed As Human Rights Hero!

During the reign of Prime Minister, previously President, Vladimir Putin, hundreds of human rights activists have been beaten, jailed or killed because they dared to oppose the ideas of the former KGB man. A prominent German political prize, The Quadriga Prize, which is recognizes “role models for enlightenment, dedication and the public good” is being given to Putin whose concept of “public good” is that everyone agrees with his ideas. Among criteria cited by those who gave the award were, “reliability paired with staying power, dependability paired with ability to communicate.” Well, I guess on reflection, Putin definitely can be depended upon to arrest human rights folk, he has the staying power to constantly lock up those who oppose him, and he certainly communicates the fact he is a bully and thug.

I await prizes for:

!. Sarah Palin whose concern for human rights includes silencing anyone who dares oppose what she believes is the truth.

2. Mitt Romney who has the staying power to change his mind based on every new poll.

3. Governor Rick Perry who will stay the course and make certain all condemned to death, die.

4. Barack Obama who can be depended on not to offer any job program.