Vladimir Putin Is Tough Guy Of 2014

Vladimir Putin is very upset. Some cowardly Muslims from Chechnya or some other place in the Caucasus mountains dared to blow themselves up in HIS beloved Russia without first contacting him. These “terrorists” apparently do not know that if anyone decides to employ terrorist actions in HIS Russia they must first check with the man who runs the place. Not a single one of these cowards challenged him to a duel at high noon in the Volgograd train station nor did they dare face off against him with bow and arrow! So, if you cowards will not first show your faces before blowing them up, what can he do other than threaten you with DEATH! Putin is now on record of promising “total destruction” of all terrorists who happen to wander onto his turf!

Vladimir Putin is a man of ACTION. He enjoys confronting CHALLENGES. I trust terrorists understand that Putin has decisively defeated three women in the Pussy Riot band. And, he did so without even raising a finger. He has sent to jail one innocent person after another, and not a single one of these cowards dared to challenge him to rifles at 100 paces. If terrorists were real men, they would inform Putin of when and where they will place bombs and confront him bomb to bomb!

Thank God the people of Mother Russia have a Father to look after them!!