Vladimir Putin Not Gay

Vladimir Putin is a strong man. He can defeat bears or tigers and has been known to plunge into a river filled with sharks and crocodiles. He is a man who can defeat any challenge. His latest war is against hordes of gays and lesbians who threaten the foundations of western civilization. He regards himself as among the few leaders in the world who are defenders of conservative values against what he cnsiders to be an assault of “genderless and fruitless so -called torlerance” which in his view ‘equals good and evil.” And, if anyone in this world truly understands “good and evil” it is the man who knows a fag when he sees one. He intends to prevent foreign political ideology from entering the sacred soil of Mother Russia.

Vladimir believes any problem in his beloved Mother Russia stem from “ffotloose people from southern republics,” “ethnic mafia, “corrupt police” and other such riff raff. Thank God there is one force in this world that stands in the way of gays and lesbians destroying the foundation of western civilization.