Voice Of Mandela’s Legacy —Dead Silence!

The gallant fight by Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress for freedom in South Africa was supported by people in the UK, France, the USA, all across Asia and in virtually every African nation. People did not stand aside and say brutality in South Africa by an oppressive government was not their concern. However, despite the fact three million people have fled their native Zimbabwe to escape the madness of President Mugabe, and leaders of opposition parties have been beaten to a pulp, the government of South Africa does not believe the suffering of Zimbabweans has any connection to the people of South Africa. President Kgalema Motlanthe refused to join calls urging Mugabe to resign and allow a government representing the people of Zimbabwe to take office. He told reporters, “It’s really not for us.” He went on to question whether Britain or other nations had a right to decide what was best for the people of Zimbabwe.

The people of Zimbabwe have already spoken. They elected Morgan Tsvangirai as president, but the election was voided by Mugabe. What exactly does the South African president believe is felt by Zimbabweans living in a nation with a 212,000,000% inflation rate? What does he think they feel about over a 1,000 cholera deaths?

The world waits for Nelson Mandela to condemn the men who owe their power to his brave fight. It is time for another gallant fight by Mandela.