Voice Of Reason, Tony Judt, Dead

Tony Judt is dead, and, most probably right wing Orthodox Jews in Israel are happy to finally silence a voice which urged peace and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. He is cited by Jewish fundamentalists as an enemy of Israel because he wrote articles containing ideas such as describing ‘Israel (as) a belligerent, intolerant, faith-driven state.” Exactly, which of these words is not an accurate description of a country which seizes lands from Palestinians, hampers their ability to travel or work, attempts to eject from the Knesset an Israeli Arab because she expressed criticism? Judt served in the Israel army during the Six Day War as a driver and translator, hardly the attitude of someone who “hates Israel.” Tony Judt believed in the founding principles of the state of Israel that it would be a center of democracy in the Middle East in which Jew, Muslim and Christian could live and work together in peace.

The problem with contemporary Israel is those in charge of the nation have forgotten its original principles of peace and brotherhood with those of all background. Tony Judt was the best friend Israel ever had because he told the truth.