Voiceless And Powerless Egypt

Bombs blast Gaza, Israel soldiers are massed on its borders and Hamas rockets are fired incessantly from its environ, but the Egyptian government is nowhere in sight to help restore peace and calm to the area. Thousands of Egyptians are furious at the Israel assault on Gaza and they may even be allowed to do some shouting or express anger because the Egyptian secret police has thousands in its employ who can shut down most protests. Most probably, a majority of Egyptians want their government to open the Rafah closing in Gaza, but nothing will be done because President Mubarak depends on handouts from Washington in order to keep the semblance of government and an economy operating. George Bush still does not grasp that refusing to allow the Egyptian government to take a stand on Gaza will eventually be disastrous for American foreign policy. What happens when Egyptian fury erupts?

It is not only Gaza which is at risk in Egypt. The health, education, and employment opportunities for the average citizen are tremendously in jeopardy because they don’t exist. In November, Al-Masry al-Youm reported many doctors abandoned their patients to attend Ramadan prayers. The civil society is in the process of collapse and a few more Gazas might well be the final blow that results in an angry explosion of anger.