Voices From Russia About Georgia War

Those in the Western world are receiving information about the war between Russia and Georgia that essentially is one sided. We deplore Russian actions in Georgia which were excessive, but understand the reasoning behind their actions. We offer views of several
Russians as reported in the St. Petersburg Times;

The following views were given to Irina Titova:

Lyudmila Shkrylyova, 19, journalist student:

“As a person from a military family, I’m absolutely against the war and I want th war to be over as soon as possible. However, I think Russia was ight to send its troops to help South Ossetia and Russian peacekeepers in the region to deal with Georgian aggression. It was done legally…As for the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, I think it was a very well-planned provocation and and as a journalism student, I’m very disapponted by the misinformation in the western media about the conflict.. The experts say that such misinformation is in the interest of thee Republican candidate for the American presidency(John McCain). therefore, they (Western media) support (Georgia) in all possible ways.”

Irina Arsenteyeva, Manager

“I think it’s very hard to know objectively what is happening in South Ossetia in order to be 100% sure about it, one probably has to go there. On thee whole it was Georgia who attacked first, but honestly I don’t know the reasons why. I think George was wrong. At the same time, I can entertain the thought that the Russian side could also be doing something not correctly enough… As for Russia sending its troops to South Ossetia, i think Russia just didn’t have any other choice, in both military and diplomatic terms. As for the way the Western mass media covers the conflict, it is the usual story, as the Western media usually covers the events in Russia not objectively but from one point of view. That is because a strong Russia is not in the interests of the West.”

Nikolai Voznyuk, 67, pensioner

“It’s very sad what’s happening in South Ossetia. I’m very sorry for South Ossetia’s people. Russia was right to send its troops to South Ossetia because it needed to defend the peacekeepers and civilians who are mainly Russian citizens. As for the Western media coverage of the conflict, it’s part of the information war, and a apart of the attack on Russia. The conflict is in the interests not only of Georgia but also of the United States who wants to surround Russia with radars, dictate its policy and want to have a unipolar world.”

It is interesting that Russian people are picking up the Russian government concerns about building by the United States of missile bases on its border.

  • Michael

    It is proved that USA and Israel underestimated Russia military capabilities by pushing Georgian president into Russian Rullet scenario. Saakshvili must be mentaly sick to order atack on Russians and put his country and people in such desparate position.
    Russia should not allow Georgians to get control over South Ossetia and Abkhazia ever again.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I suspect Saakashvli picked up on Bush rhetoric and for some reason actually believed it. From what I have read, Israel did not wish to get involved with this due to fear of antagonizing Russia which might lead it to increase military supplies to Syria. I think Israel had enough common sense not to urge the attack on South Ossetia.

  • Benny

    It’s not really true though. Georgia may have attacked “first” last week, but have a look at the events over 2008 and you’ll see that Russia has been bombing Georgian positions and even civilian areas and Russian jets have been flying over the Georgian mainland for years. It’s really not as simple as any journalist states, Western or Russian. This did not start last week, it’s been on going and simply reached a boiling point.

    It should also be noted how quickly Russia got such a force together. A lot of what the Georgian side stated was overblown, but the fact that so many tanks were pushed into the area in such a small amount of time gives good evidence for the Georgian governments reasoning behind taking the first step.

    Does anyone seriously fall for the “peacekeeper” lark? It seems only the Russians, the media and the public, fall for it. No country can have a peacekeeping force if they have an interest in occupying the land. Russia doesn’t want western influence, no matter what the underlying principles may be. It’s this which makes me dubious of Russia’s actions and their [journalists, politicians and citizens] viewpoint the most. In the same way I refuse to believe the US went into Iraq solely to free the people, I refuse Russia simply wants to protect its citizens.

    Finally, this Ossetian war has been going for almost 2 decades. Never has it spilt over to either mainland Georgia or Russia. That is what the Western media was mostly critical of. Ossetia is disputed land and war is ongoing in those regions. When Russia went over into Gori and also in through Abkhazia (which should be a totally separate conflict), they quite literally crossed the line.

  • Benny

    All that said, I do understand the wider reasons for Russia’s actions but I really don’t see how it will help them. If anything, it will just make the US want to push ahead with their “shield” than anything else. If the missile defence plan was the ulterior motive behind the events from the Kremlin’s point of view, then surely it was a failure?

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    During early negotiations, Russia offered to have the missile bases constructed in Russia and both the US and Russia would have jointly been in control. Bush fouled up by not agreeing.

    The current generation of Americans does not grasp the paranoia which is part of Russia’s past. The nation has twice been invaded in the 20th century with the loss of 40 million. We Americans get hysterical over Cuba which has never attacked the USA.

  • Alex

    I am Russian. I am not a big fan of Putin.

    But at this moment I am quite proud for the actions of our government and army.
    I pretty much hope that they will
    not continue this war and withdraw the troops back. Otherwise we might get new Chechnia.
    But I completely support what have already been done.

    Benny wrote:
    >Georgia may have attacked “first” last week, but > have a look at the events over 2008 ….

    I can easily admit that Russian actions were probably provacative.
    But there is a big difference between “cold war”
    and real war. Saakashivili started the “hot war”.

    > It should also be noted how quickly Russia got
    > such a force together.

    That is very funny argument.
    You think that we do not have intelligence service ?
    You think that Saakashivili have not been preparing for this attack in a serios way ?
    All the tanks, multi-missle systems and all these preparations were not detected by our military inteligence ?
    Clearly we were prepared for such a situation,
    but this means just that Putin is not completely stupid.

    > In the same way I refuse to believe the US went > into Iraq solely to free the people, I refuse
    > Russia simply wants to protect its citizens.

    Yes, one the reasons for Putin is to demontrate that he is strong.
    But admit that we do not react. We get dozens
    thousands refugees coming to Russian
    Caucases. How much money should we spend
    to make houses; jobs, healthcare for them ?
    And we need to that not just because we are so
    kind persons. But because Chechnia is very near,
    if these people will not have normal life that would destabilize the situation on Russian territory.
    You can say that we are now rich enough to settle this, may be we are rich; but we are corrupted and ….
    But Abhazia comes next, Georgia will do the
    same with Abhazia – that would cause much more
    refugees – I do not think that it would be possible
    to settle this – this not only question of money,
    but the question of time – we will not be able to care of so many refugees in a short moment.
    That means – serious destabilization
    of the situation in Russian Caucaus.

    > No country can have a peacekeeping force if
    > they have an interest in occupying the land.

    Believe me or not, I do not need their poor land.
    Georgia is very poor. Only one oil-pipeline is not a reason for serios war.
    Okay there are more reasons like “influence”
    and so on, but netherless I think
    that even Putin would be happy if Georgia
    lives by its own life, just they need not to enter NATO and not put USA bases near our borders.
    We have lots of reasons of thinking of USA
    as a big boy with big musles, which should not
    be too close to us.

    >When Russia went over into Gori and also in
    > through Abkhazia (which should be a totally
    > separate conflict), they quite literally crossed
    > the line.

    I hope they will get troops back.
    Otherwise I will agree with You.
    But at the moment I do not see the point
    in Your words.
    We are afraid of the Georgia
    repeation of the attack.
    So to some extent we want to destroy as much of their military infrastructure as possible.
    And it is possible for no price – near Gori, Senaki and Poti – there is no Georgian troops
    there. So we just come to their bases destroy them and go back.

    I hope that this is an idea.

  • Benny

    1) Dozens of refugees from Georgia? I hope you realise that the immigration is two way. Those who are displaced by the Georgians army go to Russia, those who are displaced by the Russian army go to Georgia. You don’t think the refugees who come to Georgia don’t get housed? Fed? Get healthcare? Georgia is a democratic state with a lot of stable resources. People don’t walk the streets with AKs. It’s not a place of anarchy. There is infrastructure.

    Russia funds and supports the separatists in Ossetia and Abkhazia. It would be stupid to deny this fact. How on earth does a separatist of a tiny, broken and wartorn autonomous republic get its hands on aircraft?

    2) You live in ignorance if you think Russia has no interest in Georgia. Simply conceding the “influence” factor proves my point anyway. A “peacekeeping” force should never have any interest in the land. Let’s not forget, the most powerful thing in the world is information, and “influence” is a valuable asset. Georgia may not be rich (though it does have one of the highest rising GNPs in the world), but it’s geographically a gateway between east and west, and is in an incredibly important. If Russia had control over Georgian land, it would be massive. Then there’s the oil line. You only need to look at what Russia did to Ukraine with the gas supply to get an idea of what power such a thing gives.

    3) Destroy as much of their military infrastructure as possible. So basically, what the entire western media and politicians have been saying [Russia has used excessive force] is totally true. Thank you. Russia wanted to cripple Georgia completely. You can’t just destroy an army and think the rest of the country’s infrastructure will survive.

    4) Not enter Nato? So, you’re also conceding that Russia will invade a country simply because they want to join an international force. Please tell me how is that in anyway moral?

    5) You think Georgia does not have intelligence services? The point of the first assault was (by what Saakashvili states) because Georgian intel had recognised a build up of troops along the Rus-Oss border. That was a minor point though, it really depends on whom you believe. Personally I think it’s unlikely that Russia would deploy such a force for the sake of defending such a relatively minor assault from the Georgian army.

  • Benny H.

    Look, go to your history books. See if you can find anything on the STATE of GEORGIA. Now, back to the modern days… let me remind you about bombing Belgrade. Was it a fair and commensurable measure? Why to be so uptight then? Why does police takes away a protester’s mike when he cries out against the war in Iraq in the streets of New York? Who orchestrated the puppets – Ukraine, Poland, etc. – and pulled their strings when they flew for the meeting in Tbilisi? Can’t help laughing at them. They looked so silly. Would I have been in George’s shoes, I’d be so happy to have those clowns at my disposal. Independent, ah? Democracy? Hypocrisy.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    1. Who ever said Russia did not have an interest in Georgia?
    2. My point is based on Russian history and experience. Twice in the 20th century Russia was invaded and had at least 40 million killed plus an area equal to all of the US east of the Mississippi River completely destroyed.
    3. The US lost 3,000 people in a bombing and has gone hysterical, arresting thousands and invading Iraq. You excuse American hysteria but refuse to recognize paranoia is present in the Russian mentality. My point is simple. George Bush deliberately antagonized Russia by pushing for missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. He pushed to have Georgia put in NATO. What would be the reaction of America if Russia built missile bases in Cuba? Ar you going to tell me Cuba has an army that threatens the US? Invasion would be our response. Your comment is a perfect reason why Russia believes there is a dual standard-one for the West and one for Russia.
    4. The Russian government offered to cooperatively with the USA build a missile base in Russia that would be jointly operated. It was turned down. Now, you tell me who the missile bases are aimed at– Iran! Come on. Why would Iran fire missiles at Europe knowing France and the UK have submarines equipped with atomic bombs.

    I deplore the Russian invasion of Georgia, but unlike you I understand the historic reasons why it came about. This invasion never would have happened had George Bush been a sensitive diplomat.

  • Sergey

    At first, it was funny to me when people called Sackofshitvili the “democratically elected leader.” But, they keep calling him that, as if they do it one more time, he would really become such, or they would convice themselves that he is such. So, now, this hypocrisy and stupidity just makes me disgusted. This so called “democratic leader” has murdered, jailed, and forced out of the country all of his political opponents. Is that the “democratic” way? Now, I don’t expect people in the West to remember this, due to their very short memory for things that highlight their hypocrisy, but right before US attacked Iraq in 2003, Sadam was elected as president by 99% of Iraqis. Nevertheless, Bush went ahead and invaded this sovereign democratic country, overthrown and later killed its democratically elected leader, killed his sons, and so on. Should I continue?

  • Lemm

    Ok, a lot of bloggers shared with us their opinions, and though there were just a few russian/different views of the conflict at the start, at least now people can get decent and truthworthy information. I just want to add a few things. I watch CNN for past 5 days, and their Live interviews with president Sackofshitvili. From the start he was very, very easy on tough words and statements. After yesterday’s Live i was simply speechless. Is he even a president? Does he realise what he is talking about and what words he is using? For God’s sake, you’re the President of a country! Every word you say people hear as something that must more or less represent the truth! Yet he claims such things as “concentration camps for georgian people”, “unexploded bombs with “This is for Americans/UN/Georgia” signs”, “ethnic cleanings by russian soldiers” and so on. Jesus Christ, what the hell is that?! I mean you keep on saying that you saw all this horrible things with your own eyes, this things continue to happen. For God’s sake – show any evidance, any photos or videos with all this “real horrors” brought to your country by Russia or whoever. When you throw statements that important, on CNN, Live for the whole world, you’ve got to realise that it’s not some buddy talk at the backyard of your home while drinking bear. It’s your country’s official words. There will be people even dumb enough to trust such words and then those people will go for anyone supporting Russia isolation and punishing, even for another republican canditate, who will throw America in a bunch of new pointless wars for Freedom, which ends with the same killing and loses as Irag/Iran/Afganistan. If any of you people are at least smart enough to hold a pen or use your internet connection, you always can check other opinions and truth, facts. Yet masses continue to watch him and going all panic: “Aaaaah! Russia! Soviet Union 2! We must bring them down for horrors they’ve done! (sic!)”. Any of you ever checked Russian president election’s? They are not communists for already 15 years, they have right to vote for candidate they like. And istead of new communist oldass or just some new Boris, they chose Putin (twice), then Medvedev. It’s their damn right. No one pushed anyone in Russia to vote for them, it’s the freedom of choiсe, the very same as americans or anyone else have. I only ask you people – don’t be stupid, dont trust just 1 source of information, check some others to create your own opinion, or you will end up as another brainless vote for another G.W.Bush.
    P.S. I checked random blog a few days ago, and some real “intelligent” person said that there is no english speaking russians, and it’s all Kremlin’s agents. My God, bravo. The country that keeps on bringing one of the most educated people, who live around the whole world cant produce a dozen or even 1 english speaking man. Awesome, so much showing average brainwashed idiot.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I agree the American press, once again, has allowed hysteria to dominate its examination of issues dealing with both the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia and the Russian response. So far, those on the spot are not finding evidence of mass deaths. Perhaps, they will, but until the evidence is forthcoming we should deal with the entire episode in a calm and analytical manner.

  • Benny

    Fred, I was not replying to you at any point so that may be why you’re not following my argument.

    Anyway, in addition to my earlier points, you only need to look at the incidents which happened today and yesterday. Russian and Ossetian forces are looting towns, destroying infrastructure and harassing civilians. This is not rumour anymore, there’s a lot of video evidence for this which has come through.

    Lemm – I agree that Saakashvili is going totally overboard with his comments, but if you were the president of a country that had just been invaded, would you really just say “oh, they’re just hanging around our towns”? Of course not. Putin did exactly the same when Georgia moved in on Tskhinvali. The Kremlin said that Georgians were burning Ossetians, targeting innocent bystanders and committing mass exterminations. Ha any evidence of such a thing come out yet? Other then a war torn Tskhinvali (which has actually been run down for years!), there is no sign that Russia’s accusations, and reason for entrance into Georgia, were justified. Fact is, both sides have been idiotic in their rhetoric. A good example is the Nazi comparisons, Russia and Georgia have accused each other of repeating Hitler’s actions.

    Sergey – Saakashvili was elected fairly with foreign overseers. The situation regarding Saakashvili’s election is in no way comparable to that of Saddam’s and is laughable that you are even trying. In addition, it’s hardly like Putin was a fairy when he was (still is in reality!) in power. The state’s monopolizing of gas is a good example.

    P.S. I’m based in the UK so, the words of John McCain and Fox News mean little to me. I can imagine the bias to have been rather painful in the US.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    You present logical and analytical arguments. However, foreign policy is more than just logic, it entails a nation’s historic memory, a factor that you completely ignore. It is all well and good to stand off by the side in the UK and present reasoned arguments.
    The history of Russia plays a major factor in the current situation. Twice in the 20th century, Russia was invaded and at least 40 million of its citizens were killed. A major foreign policy objective of the Soviet Union in 1945 was creating a physical buffer to prevent a quick advance into its territory.
    The Soviet Union backed away from Cuba in 1962 when America threatened nuclear war over Russian air bases in Cuba. Russian leaders believe their retreat from Cuba was part of an unspoken agreement between the Soviet Union and the United States than neither would establish missile bases near the other’s border. Bush pushed to have Georgia enter NATO, America has been supplying and training Georgian soldiers and you pretend none of this is a factor in Russian thinking. I believe you are rather naive.
    Step one is for Poland and the US to abandon the missile base.
    Step two is for the US to accept the Russian offer to construct an anti-missile base in Russia under joint American and Russian leadership.
    Step three is for the EU and the US to make clear neither Georgia nor the Ukraine will be allowed to enter NATO.
    Tell me, was the American threat to Cuba in 1962 “justified?” Please study the history of the Cold War before you attempt to offer a calm analysis of the current situation because the past lives on in the present.
    P.S. I am not justifying Russian behavior, I am explaining it.

  • Sergey

    Benny, as much you’d like to thing that way, but American does not mean International.

  • Sergey

    Do they introduce or write “the former cocaine and current alcoholic, President George W. Bush,” readers? How often does the agenda-pushing media remind you of Senator Robert Byrd’s history?

    O.K. then.

    The following hard facts are being blatantly ignored by the heavily Zionist influenced press in the US, who continue to paint Russia as the aggressor and the
    Georgians as the innocent victims.

    “Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century.” —President Bush Condemns Russia (AP August 10, 2008)

    The usual suspects who control the media and politics of the United States are once more lying to the American people and to the world. Here are the facts that can be easily verified within the mainstream media, but are buried beneath the rhetoric of anti-Russianism. —Dr. David Duke

    Here are the Cold Hard Facts:

    1) Ossetia is a ninety percent Russian area. Georgia has made repeated efforts to ethnically cleanse the region. Russian peacekeeping troops have been in Ossetia for years and were approved in international agreements so as to protect the citizens of the region from attacks by the Georgian military.

    2) Georgia, not Russia, started this war. Georgia invaded Ossetia trying to take control of the region and ethnically cleanse the Russian population.

    3) The Georgian Army, commanded by their Minister of Defense (who is also an Israeli citizen), launched a surprise invasion and attack that caused the deaths of at least a thousand people in its first 24 hours. This attack was committed while the attention of the world was on the Olympics.

    4) In the wake of Georgia’s military invasion and massacres, Russia responded by battling to protect the Ossetian people and fighting the Georgia military so it could not continue its invasion and assault. Thousands of Ossetian civilians became refugees from the Georgian assault.

    5) Instead of reporting these cold, hard facts to the world, the Jewish-influenced media has been dishonestly reporting that the Zionist-allied Georgian state is a victim of “Russian aggression” and a “Russian invasion.” Georgia invaded, bombed, and massacred the people of Ossetia to start this conflict. On the cable news networks for hours after the Georgian launched invasion and massacres in Ossetia, all Americans were permitted to see was the Georgia President and Jewish U.S. State Department officials screaming about how Georgia was “invaded” by Russia!

    6) Instead of condemning Georgia from the outset for the invasion and massacre, Neocon controlled politicians such as George Bush are condemning Russia and attempting to move America and Europe toward a completely unjustified conflict with Russia.

    Now I offer you six reasons why the heavily Jewish-influenced media and political establishment of America side with Georgia:

    1) As Israeli newspapers freely report, Israel has long allied itself with Georgia, trained its troops, and supplied weapons to Georgia. Key figures in the Georgia government are Israeli citizens and partisans for Israel, including the “Georgian” who directly launched the war, Defense Minister Davit Kezerashvili. The major “Georgia” Spokesman is Temur Yakobashvili, also an Israeli citizen, is Georgia’s minister of reintegration.

    2) Israel has strategic oil pipeline and economic interests in Georgia that it wants to keep under control.

    3) Israel and Jewish powerbrokers around the world are angry with Russia because Russia keeps the Jewish Neocon-controlled United States from total domination of United Nations policy toward Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and toward a war against Iran.

    4) The Russian government has had the courage to prosecute some of the Jewish criminal Oligarchs in Russia such as Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Khodorkovsky and others, a great many of whom have fled with their stolen billions to Israel and other nations.

    5) Russia is a democratic state, and not controlled by special interests such as the United States is by AIPAC and Jewish campaign money. While Jewish-influenced newspapers and politicians complain about “democracy in Russia,” America maintains a completely controlled two party system that is structured to stifle Third Party dissent and representation. Russia is no longer a communist state but an anti-communist state in the true sense. While Russia has moved toward more freedom and healthy national sentiment, America has moved toward more state control of every aspect of life. Ironically, today American policy is dominated by Neocons, a Jewish extremist led group that was founded by followers of Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) the notorious Jewish Bolshevik head of the Red Army in the early years of the Communist revolution in Russia, a man who murdered millions of Christians.

    6) Zionists are trying to make the great, overwhelming White nation of Russia an enemy of America and Europe because nationalist Russia stymies their plans for the Mideast and for the New World Order. The conflict between Russia and Georgia is not in the true interest of either country, but one in which their main enemy, Russia is weakened both financially and in the court of world opinion, and Israel gets to sell Georgia more weapons. Once you understand the powerful role of the Jewish supremacists in media and government you can begin understand the nature of the world’s major conflicts.

    What it all boils down to is simply the fact that powerful Jewish influence in politics and media in the United States see it in Israel’s interest and the interest of the Jewish people to side with Georgia and try to harm Russia. Sadly, as reflected by our Israeli policy, by our catastrophic War for Israel in Iraq, by our Jewish-influenced tottering to the brink of a cataclysmic war with Iran, and by this insane escalation of conflict with anti-communist Russia, we are acting not in the interest of the American people, not in the interest of freedom, justice or fairness, but simply showing our complete subservience to the Jewish extremists.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Your line of reasoning is straight out of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”
    1. Only a small percent of US media is under the control of Jews. Murdoch runs Fox News, not Jews.
    2. To assume all Jews are Zionists clashes with the reality of American Jews. Polls consistently show US Jews are much more flexible on negotiating with Palestinians than Israelis.
    3. America was the main trainer and supplier of Georgia, and Georgia received its artillery from the Czech Republic, hardly a “Zionist center.”
    4. Well, Joseph Stalin was educated in a Georgia seminary, does that lead you to conclude, the “Christian Stalin” was responsible for killing Christians?
    5. Following your line of reasoning: “Condi Rice and Colin Powerll who were in charge of the State Department were African Americans. This proves US African Americans were out to kill Muslims and Christians in Iraq.”
    6. You are a rather sick individual. Tell me, will you next prove, based on the presence of a few thousand Jews in China, that Mao tse-tung was part of the Zionist conspiracy?

  • Sergey

    Relax Fred. I did not write it, and I do not completely agree with it. It’s just something I stumbled upon and found interesting, not because of its rather extremist attacks on Jews, but because it shows ignorance, hypocrisy, and double standards of American politics. I understand that you being a Jew must be sensitive to this kind of things. So, I’m sorry. I, personally, have nothing against Jews.

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    I am sensitive to those who spread anti-Muslim stories, I an sensitive to failure on the part of Americans to recognize genuine Russian concerns. I hate to tell you, but thousands of people would believe what you wrote is the truth. If what you wrote was satirical, it certainly didn’t come across that way. “The Elders of the Protocols of Zion”(written by the Russian secret police in 1905) sells over a million copies each year in Muslim nations.