China, India and Russia are upset at the use of force in Libya. The Chinese government issued a statement that said: “We hope Libya can restore stability as soon as possible and to avoid further civilian casualties.” It also added that China “has always opposed the use of force in international relations.” India expressed “regrets that air strikes are taking place” and hoped peace and tranquility could be restored to the people of Libya. Russia was also concerned that military force is being used against the government of Libya. After all, Libya is ruled by a man of peace named Muammar Gaddafi whose record on human rights reflects why his nation was appointed to the UN Human Rights Council. Of course, a look at the record reveals a somewhat different picture of these nations:

1. India has fought in at least four wars during the past forty years. It currently occupies Kashmir, a land in which a majority of people would prefer if they left.

2. Russia invaded Chechnya and has bombed and killed thousands of people. Of course, the people of Chechnya are somewhat backward and need aid from the more civilized Russians.

3. Ah, China, the nation which invaded and conquered Tibet and has sent thousands of troops into that area to kill and imprison the people of Tibet. What can one say about massacring your own people? Just check the record of China.

Three hypocrites in search of platitudes about how they are peace loving. Tell that to the hundreds of Libyans who have been killed by human rights hero, Muammar Gaddafi.