Vote Mugabe Way Or Die The Mugabe Way!

President Robert Mugabe is a reasonable man, he might even allow his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai, to receive about 5% of the vote the next time an election is held in Zmbabwe. Mugabe lost but does not intend to lose again. He has unleashed the boys of April with guns drawn to wander around the nation giving people “lectures” about how to vote correctly the next time they enter a polling booth. For example, at Louis Guideotti hospital, patients were dragged from beds and nurses forced to abandon their duties in order to attend an open air information session in which they were told: “You messed up when you voted. Next time you vote you must get it right or you will die.” Buses have been halted and passengers warned they had better vote correctly.

Mugabe’s strategy began with forcing the remaining white farmers off their land in order to characterize the election as one in which he stands proud against the forces of imperialism. The attack on white farmers was only a prelude to the real object of his anger–Zimbabweans who dared voting against him. His plan is to implement this reign of terror before the run-off is announced in order to have voters intimidated prior to arrival of foreign observers.

Jacob Zuma, who probably will become the next president of South Africa, is taking a strong stand against Mugabe, unlike President Mbeki. The African Union must announce a complete boycott of the nation of Zimbabwe and cutting off diplomatic relations unless Mugabe steps down and allows current election results to count. The time for action is now.

  • Tara

    A complete boycott will just compound problems for the innocent Zimbabweans who have not voted for Mugabe. Why should they, who despise his actions as much as the rest of the world, have to differ more?

  • Tara

    Diction error, I meant why should they have to suffer more.