Vote Once, If You Can!

There are those who do not believe it makes any difference whether a Republican or Democrat is president of the United States. Once again, REPUBLICAN members of the Supreme Court ruled against the interests of poor people and blacks and Hispanics. By a vote of 5-4, the Supreme Court ended federal supervision of voting which is necessary in order to ensure that blacks and Hispanics are not denied of the vote. Justice John Roberts argued for the majority the initial purpose of the Voting Rights Act was to protect discriminated minorities from having their voting rights halted. “Today the nation is not longer divided along those lines, yet the Voting Rights Act continues to treat it as if it were.”

Duh! For the past two years southern states and some western have attempted to prevent people from voting by demanding “identification” even though many elderly people no longer have driving licenses. There is prejudice but in the upper class world of Roberts and his colleagues all is well in America and discrimination has ended!!