Vote Out Incumbents, Elect The Ignorant

A letter to the New York Daily News urged everyone to vote out all incumbents in order to obtain candidates that “represent we people.” This is an interesting theory, but it has a basic flaw. Everyone in Congress at one point was NOT the incumbent and at one point defeated the incumbent. Therefore the people this man believes do not represent the people were once the people he asked us to vote for. For some strange reason, this writer, like millions in America, believes those who have not yet served in Congress are, by definition, those who will “represent the people.” If we adopt this theory of electing, why not vote for a six year old since he/she has never been in public office? Candidates this year for Congress include some of the dumbest people ever to run for public office in the history of this nation–Shirley Angle, Carl Paladino, Christine Donellly, and so on. These individuals know as much about government, problems facing this nation, or the world as I do about a car engine–which is to say, absolutely nothing.

For some reason the THEORY OF DUMBNESS is popular in this nation. According to this theory the less someone knows about a problem the greater the probability they will have solutions for it. OH, if you want your car fixed, just drop it by my house. I will give guarantees that I know nothing about cars, I guess that qualifies me to be a car mechanic.