Vote Party Not Person

I am eighty years of age and have never voted for any Republican, even someone running for the office of dog catcher. The Republican party, which once had great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Wendell Wilkie, Dwight Eisenhower, has become the party of “no.” Some have questioned my refusal to vote for an individual Republican who might be superior to his Democratic opponent. My response is simply, if I vote for one Republican then I assist the entire party of incompetent, vicious and angry people to assume office. The good Republicans are isolated in a party which has allowed those with extreme views guided by ignorance to control what will happen. This nation can NOT allow a party based on saying NO to anything other then cutting taxes to be elected. Republicans, who used to stand opposed to the wealthy, have become bed mates of the corporate, financial forces. They have prostituted themselves and this nation for money.

Every vote for ANY Republican candidate is a vote for a party which allows Shirley Angle and the Witch from Delaware to run for the US Senate. Vote Republican and you vote for Shirley Angle to be sitting on committees that make decisions concerning your life and the future of this nation.