Voting Afghanistan–Oops, Russian Style!

There was extensive pressure on Russian election officials to ensure United Russia, the party of Prime Minister Putin did well in local elections. Last year, Stavropol Governor Chemogorov lost his job when a member of the opposition party actually won a seats in the regional legislature. For some reason, this man was not informed the purpose of the opposition is to pretend to run for office knowing full well only the right group– United Russia-wins elections in Putin, Russia. Some Russians still do not grasp the essence of democracy is to allow the party in power to win all elections because –they are the party in power. Why the heck if you are the party in power should the opposition party be allowed to win an election? It makes no sense

In polling station number 3,209 they reported at 4:00 p.m. that 100% of registered voters had voted. Two hours later they reported 97% had voted. In many small polling offices the opposition did not secure a single vote. President Medvedev does not like charges of fraud which are being raised, he prefers a nice orderly election in which everyone does as instructed and he can go home to a pleasant dinner without the stima of “fraud” being in the air.