Voting In Afghanistan–Why?

The wonderful, brave people of Afghanistan are voting despite Taliban efforts to deny them freedom of deciding their nation’s rulers. Of course, it would be wonderful if voting actually had something to do with deciding the governance system of Afghanistan, but voting this week is simply an exercise in confirming the power of President Karzai and his cronies. Sadly, thousands of Afghans went to the polls in the face of threats, in the face of possible death from Taliban forces. Afghans are a proud and heroic people, and that is why sadness is the only response that can be made for their determination to vote. The act of being able to vote means something to people who have never enjoyed that right. But, the act of voting SHOULD mean one has choices and majority rules. This will not occur in Afghanistan which is governed by the Karzai crowd who are determined to fix the election. Ironically, Afghans had more to face from Karzai than they did from the Taliban.

I was raised in the era of political bosses in America. They were crooked, but at least they delivered jobs and help to those being exploited. One could live with fixed elections if, at the end of the day, those voting received something in return. In Afghanistan the only return is more money and power for Karzai and his folk. Ah, for the days of a Irish political bosses in charge!