Voting In America

Members of the Republican party are concerned about their Second Amendment rights which include the rich to carry weapons into the room where a wife is giving birth to a baby. Republicans are determined their rights to have guns, to fire guns and to die with a gun in their hand will never be abridged. However, these same Republicans simply are not concerned about the First Amendment to the Constitution or the 15th which protects the rights of all Americans to the right to vote. There is a Voting Rights Act which allegedly protects voting rights for those living in such backward areas of the world as Alabama. The Supreme Court with its conservative judges will examine this law in order to decide if it is still needed to protect rights of African Americans.

The state of Alabama is about  20% black, Shelby County is about 20% black, but there is not  single state wide person who is black that holds a state wide office. In Shelby County, they conduct “at large” voting which ensures the white majority wins all contested offices. I am certain our conservative Supreme Court justices will end the Voting Rights Act.

Now, if the Voting Rights Act dealt with carrying guns….