Voting Proceeds In Myanmar!!

Thousands of bodies are floating in the waters of Burma, over one million people have been displaced due to the cyclone, planes with aid are parked in the Bangkok airport, and the mad men who rule Myanmar insist on proceeding with a national referendum which will legalize their constitution. Most civil servants, teachers, police, soldirs and members of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Association already cast their yes ballot under orders of the government. It is a crime in Myanmar to make negative remarks about the proposed constitution which was written in secret by the military junta.

Local newspapers and TV, have been filled with pictures of mlitary men passing out emergncy supplies to the people impacted by the cyclone(most probably supplies flown in by two UN planes), including, oddly, some shots showing officers handing out VCD and DVD players to the needy.

According to Buddhist belief, those in mourning should go to the temple one week after the death of their loved ones and pray form them, but the nation’s rulers want people to go to the ballot box and vote for something that has nothing to do with their lives or with death except the death of law.

One picture shows military junta leader General Than Shwe casting his ballot. He planned the election based on astrological factors and cyclone or not, the stars must take precedence over the needs of the Burmese people.