Voyager One To Leave Solar System

During the past thirty three years as we squabble and kill one another on planet Earth Voyager One has been traveling at 38,000mph on a trip that has now gone 10.8 billion miles from the sun. Scientists monitoring the space craft have noticed changes in the flow of particles around it. The particles which emanate from the Sun no longer are traveling outwards,but are moving sideways. It is expected that within four years, Voyager One will leave our solar system and enter interstellar space. As the outward speed of solar wind is about zero it is an indication the boundary of our solar system is just ahead.

What does this mean to we Earth creatures? Voyager One is now with the universe in a new way for humanity. Who knows, perhaps some life form on a distant world will make contact with this Earth originated space craft. Who knows what then can happen. Only the future knows.