Walk For Freedom In Nigeria

The people of Nigeria live under the fear violence, but it is still unclear if the source of that threat comes from crazy Boko Haram militants or from their own government. These days in many parts of Nigeria, thousands are sleeping in the bush because to remain in their villages might result being killed or captured by fanatic Muslim fighters. In theory, and I do mean, theory, rescue efforts to recover those kidnapped is the responsibility of the so-called Nigerian army. Among the dozens of women and teen girls about 63 decided to leave their captors when left alone. They walked about 31 miles to freedom before authorities realized those kidnapped were now not kidnapped. It is quite clear the Nigerian army, as presently constituted, is simply not capable of fighting any group that is in possession of weapons. In theory, when soldiers hear the sound of guns, they run toward the guns. Nigerian soldiers have a different perspective on living and dying, when they hear shots being fired, they run away from those sounds.

Reality, Nigeria is a wide open kleptomania in which a small group steal the nation blind. They also steal money from salaries due soldiers which makes certain they are not risking their lives for a government that robs them blind. When a nation has a president whose name is Goodluck Jonathan, it is clear the best good luck they can get is to find someone with the name of Badluck Ben. Then again, perhaps the National Rifle Association might wish to provide its members an opportunity to blast away against a living creature who also has possession of guns.