Walk Of Shame

Police in a small Pakistan village were told by some people that Mumatz Mirbahar was having wild parties in his home at night during Ramadan. Naturally, as guardians of proper behavior, the police arrested Mr. Mirbahar along with a woman they claimed was having an extra-marital affair. The two were forced to strip naked and walk through the town as the woman begged to put on clothes. Last year, several men forced a  middle aged woman to strip naked because her son was having an extra marital affair.  Perhaps, it might be beneficial to install a walk of shame in the USA:

1. Mitt Romney could be forced to walk through a town throwing away dollar bills that he got from  closing plants and firing people.

2. Members of the NRA should be forced to walk through town with empty rifles while tigers are set upon them.

3. How about Sheldon Adelson being forced to throw away billions of dollars to the unemployed since he is so concerned at the poor job being done by Obama?