Wall Street Bonus Drops!

This blog owes an apology to Mitt Romney for doubting the impact of President Obama’s critical words directed at job creators. Little did I know Xmas bonus payouts on Wall Street would dramatically drop due to the war on wealth by the Muslim Obama. Instead of last year’s $138,000 the underpaid Wall Street folk will only receive a meager $100,000. Oh my God, how can they afford summers in the Hamptons or trips to London when their meager $300,000 yearly salary must do with this reduced payment for the holidays.

I warn liberals who are engaged in this war against job creators. Reduce Wall Street bonus payments and fewer diamond rings will be sold, fewer drivers will be hired to drive cars and high class prostitutes will no longer be available to someone who only has a $100,000 bonus.

How about impeaching Barack Obama on grounds he harbors hatred toward job creators?