Wall Street, Healthcare, And Real Issues–Lesbian Prom!

The United States is confronting terrorism in the world, Wall Street has wiped out the fortunes of millions, and healthcare has torn apart the nation, but it is now clear none of these minor events compares with the importance of who can go to the senior prom. At the center of attention these days is not Sarah Palin, but a young woman named Constance McMillen, who had the audacity to request permission to take someone to the prom–and, that someone was another GIRL! A federal judge ruled that Constance has the right to take another girl to the prom and organizers have agreed that all girls are invited, even girl-girl couples.

The Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition is organizing a state wide prom for any gay or lesbian couples who encounter difficulty in their own schools. Of course, the key issue is whether or not boy-girl couples are allowed in gay-lesbian proms. Naturally, groups like the American Family Association are ranting about “schoolyard bullies at the ACLU using an activist judge to force schools to normalize aberrant behavior.” What next, transvestite proms?